Library Services


Managed Library Services

We develop libraries from scratch or assist in upgrading and setting up a managing structure for an existing one.

Our managed library services include

  • Indexing and abstracting
  • Bibliographic services
  • Develop a virile subscription network to serve the information retail business
  • Undertake research for other organisations who may need access to information on African countries
  • Compile statistics on African trade and economic indices
  • Facilitate delivery of documents- Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI); Current Awareness Services (CAS) or Table of Contents (ToC) etc. to researchers and others interested in African affairs
  • Develop an on-going database on African political, economic and socio-cultural issues
  • Compilation of news and information of African sources from newspapers, magazines and the electronic media
  • Reference services-establishment of a helpline for the provision of information about African countries-politics, trade, economics, culture etc.

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