Media Consulting


Bespoke Media Consulting

Research and Writing

  • Research programmes to be developed and aired on radio and television networks such as features, documentaries etc.
  • Develop ideas for entertainment and social programmes
  • Writing for video and television commercials, social and current affairs etc.
  • Maintain a structure for research and development of corporate profiles
  • Commissioning scripts and developing ideas for scripting (no script-writing)
  • Undertake field research of any form

Interviews and Talks

  • Conducting interviews with designated personalities. This could be either ‘single-phase’ (one-off) interviews, or linked interviews (series)
  • Develop ideas for opinion polls among the various shades of African communities, and carry out vox pop on contemporary topical issues
  • Establish a database of African personalities, celebrities and corporate institutions for contact and profiling
  • Organise panel discussions, debates and commentary sessions on issues of relevance to the contemporary African society and in line with specified media operations

Marketing and Promotion

  • Design structures for marketing of services to individuals and corporate bodies, as well as maintain a database of subscribers for research, marketing and publicity strategies
  • Develop and maintain a structure for the organised involvement of the citizenry through promotional offers, competitions and public awareness campaigns etc.
  • Design and implementation of special events and co-ordination of organisations’ involvement in trade fairs, exhibitions, awards, sponsorships, promotions etc.
  • Events marketing


  • Editing of books, periodicals and house publications
  • Script editing
  • Programme reviews
  • Undertake packaging of marketing manuals, brochures, calendars, sales and marketing aids etc. for individuals and institutions

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