Information Brokerage


How We Gather Information

  1. Research and information gathering for organisations in any area of need such as Job Motivation and Satisfaction; Surveys; Labour Outfit; Public Opinion Polls (POP); Marketing and Advertisement Research; Social and Economic Research etc.
  1. Personnel Management - Tests and Interviews for Personnel Selection; Placement and Promotion; Manpower Auditing; Staff Training and Development; Induction courses for new staff; Wages and Salaries' Structure and Administration etc.
  2. Diagnosing Management and Organisational Problems and Proffering Solutions; Project Monitoring and Evaluation; Production Methods and Target Setting.
  3. Assistance in setting up Small-Scale Business Concerns; Registration of Business Names and Incorporation of Companies; Feasibility Reports; Business Drafting / Conditions of Services; Contract Agreement etc.
  4. Design and Delivery of Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences; Training and Management Manpower Development. Management Training and Consultancy - incorporating Research and Development (R&D)

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