Our Publishing Services



Books and Newsletters (Writing and Editing), Translation, Bibliographic services, Abstracting & Indexing. 


Production of newsletters and direct mailing undertaken to reach a broad cross-section of professional and dignitaries resident in the United Kingdom.

Electronic & New Media

Publishing of electronic newsletter (e-zine) designed to international standards, featuring pictures, audio and video clips etc. With contents based on pertinent information about your organisation/scheduled events, copies are sent to between 5,000 and 50,000 targeted e-mail addresses of designated contacts, depending on client’s trade

Content Sourcing & Management (e-commerce and static)

Infomediaworks assist organisations, small and large, with content creation, update and maintenance for their advertising, PR and marketing campaigns. As reputable information brokers, we are always in the vanguard of the provision of bespoke information infrastructures. We add relevance and functionality to your campaigns by ensuring that the requisite site traffic is generated from the relevant campaigns. 

General content sourcing include web pages, feeds and emails, etc. We incorporate texts, graphics, podcasts, videos, links, file downloads and other beneficial materials, thereby adding value to the end –users' experience. 

We also manage User-Generated Content (UGC) from customers, partners, salespeople and users' comments and build functional information blocks which, on demand, can be incorporated into digital and social marketing campaigns.

Multimedia Consulting

We offer, as part of a consortium, the services of highly trained and experienced specialists designing and creating information technology-based multimedia products such as on websites, DVDs and online & computer games that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video clips, virtual reality and digital animations.

Media Placement (print, electronic and the web)

Infomediaworks Limited develop, according to brands’ sizes and structures, value-based, effective digital marketing campaigns and social media drives to boost their real-time prominence, thereby facilitating a more global outlook in reach.


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